About Us

Shinva Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Shinva Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1943 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600587) in September 2002. 

It is a leading domestic health industry group integrating scientific research, production, sales, medical services and trade logistics of medical and pharmaceutical equipment.
In the medical equipment sector, nine advanced product lines with excellent configuration and complete technology have been formed, covering infection control, radiotherapy and imaging, surgical instruments and orthopaedics, operating room engineering and equipment, dental equipment and consumables, in-vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments, biological materials and consumables, dialysis equipment and consumables, medical environmental protection and other fields. At present, the variety and output of infection control equipment rank among the top in the world. The R&D and production of radiotherapy equipment are large in scale, complete in variety, high in domestic market share and leading in technical level.


In the pharmaceutical equipment sector, it is composed of four major engineering technology centers: bio-pharmaceuticals, special infusion, traditional Chinese medicine preparations and solid preparations. It integrates research and development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical equipment. In addition to the production of conventional pharmaceutical equipment, it provides the trinity of "pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical engineering" with high-quality services. At the same time, it provides the whole package service for the construction of chemical medicine, biological medicine and plant medicine factories, and solves all worries for customers.

In the field of medical services, Shinva has continuously improved its brand competitiveness and reputation. Relying on professional investment, construction, operation, procurement and service platforms, we will build a modern hospital group with advanced medical concepts, cutting-edge scientific research level, brand management chain and organic integration of resources.

In the medical and trade sector, Shinva actively responds to the new market pattern and changes, maintains the company's sustained competitiveness and healthy development vitality, and carries out business model exploration and innovation.