Blow-Fill-Seal(BFS) solution

  • PBM Series BFS Machine

    PBM Series BFS Machine

    Plastic bottle blow-fill-seal machine adopts the blow-fill-seal (hereafter BFS) integrated technology, which is a production process for plastic packaging infusion production. Three-in-one aseptic filling machine is widely used in the production of plastic packaging products for terminal sterilization, aseptic products, etc. It is not only suitable for mass production of products, but also has good aseptic stability, low cross-contamination probability, low production and management cost.

  • WAS Series Ampoule Water Sterilizer

    WAS Series Ampoule Water Sterilizer

    As the sole national R&D center for disinfection & sterilization equipment, SHINVA is the main drafting unit for national and industry standard for sterilization equipment. Now SHINVA is the largest manufacturing base for sterilization and disinfection equipment in the world. SHINVA has passed the certification of ISO9001, CE, ASME and pressure vessel management system.