Decontamination Area

  • Air-Proof Distribution Trolley

    Air-Proof Distribution Trolley

    ■ 304 stainless steel
    ■ The whole trolley body is bent and welded with excellent sealing performance
    ■ Double-layer composite structure door panel, 270 ° rotation
    ■ With inner clapboard, height adjustable

  • Dressing Air-Proof Ditribution Trolley

    Dressing Air-Proof Ditribution Trolley

    ■ High quality aluminum alloy material, integrated molding process, low weight and high flexibility.
    ■ The door is opened in two dimensions, convenient loading.
    ■ Ergonomic handles on both sides of the facade, easy to push.

  • Vertical eye-washer(Double-head)

    Vertical eye-washer(Double-head)

    ■ Manually control the water output
    ■ Stainless steel material
    ■ The water flow is gentle and will not hurt the eyes

  • Trolley washer

    Trolley washer

    ■ The pressure of the water outlet is large with a handle, which can be moved by hand.
    ■ Can add disinfectant to clean.
    ■ Usage: Used for cleaning and disinfection of the sealing trolley and the dirt receiving trolley.

  • Tank-type platform trolley

    Tank-type platform trolley

    Single tank load-bearing: 45Kg
    Trolley load-bearing: 90Kg

  • Tabletop eye-washer(Double-head)

    Tabletop eye-washer(Double-head)

    ■ Use with cleaning tank.
    ■ Double head water outlet, can effectively ensure the cleaning effect.
    ■ The sprinkler is made of soft rubber, and the water is foamy water column to prevent the eyes from being hurt.
    ■ 1.4 meters of water supply hose, flexible PVC pipe.

  • Instrument cleaning spray gun

    Instrument cleaning spray gun

    ■ Novel shape, light and easy to hold, the adjustment of opening, closing, water pressure and air pressure is completely controlled by a wrench, easy to use and clean.
    ■ Each set has 8 commonly used spray heads and a gun; can be used to wash and dry different items.

  • Small size instrument basket

    Small size instrument basket

    ■ All stainless steel, with cover
    ■ Net 2×2, used for the wash of small size minimally invasive devices
    ■ Can be customized according to the specific use of the hospital

  • Nameplate


    ■ Can withstand 134 ℃ high temperature and various cleaning agents, suitable for pressure steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilization, low temperature formaldehyde steam sterilization.
    ■ A variety of colors are available, can be used for visual management.
    ■ Provide laser printing of QR code, barcode and text.

  • Multifunctional U-shape rack

    Multifunctional U-shape rack

    ■ All stainless steel, used to open the joint of the surgical instrument, to make them easy to wash thoroughly.
    ■ The width of the U-shaped frame is adjustable between 70-170mm to suit different instrument.

  • Instrument tray

    Instrument tray

    ■ All stainless steel
    ■ Can be used with automatic washer-disinfector
    ■ Can avoid the contamination from hand contact
    ■ SPI standard instrument trays cannot be used for 5-layer instrument cleaning rack

  • Flat transfer trolley

    Flat transfer trolley

    Dimensions: 1030(L)x 500(W)x850(H)mm
    Trolley load-bearing: 110Kg

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