Disinfection & Sterilization

  • YQG Series Pharmaceutical Washer

    YQG Series Pharmaceutical Washer

    GMP washers are developed by SHINVA according to the latest GMP and can pre-wash, wash, rinse and dry products. The washing process is repeatable and recordable, thus able to completely solve the unstable quality of manual washing process. This series washers meet FDA and EU requirements.

  • GD Series Dry Heat Sterilizer

    GD Series Dry Heat Sterilizer

    Dry heat sterilizer is mainly used for sterilization of high temperature resistant materials. It uses circulating hot air as working media for sterilization and depyrogenation and meets the Chinese GMP, EU GMP and FDA requirements. Put articles into chamber, start sterilization cycle, then circulating fan, heating pipes and air valves will work together for rapid heating. With the help of circulation fan, the dry hot air flows into chamber by way of high temperature resistant HEPA and forms uniform air flow. The moisture on the surface of the articles is taken away by dry hot air and then is discharged out of chamber. When chamber temperature reaches a certain value, the exhaust valve is closed. The dry hot air circulates in the chamber. With the intermittent fresh air intake, the chamber has positive pressure. After sterilization phase is ended, fresh air or cooling water inlet valve is open for cooling. When temperature drops to the set value, automatic valves close, and an audible and visual alarm is given for indication of opening door.

  • SGL Series Steam Sterilizer

    SGL Series Steam Sterilizer

    As the sole national R&D center for disinfection & sterilization equipment, SHINVA is the main drafting unit for national and industry standard for sterilizing equipment. Now SHINVA is the greatest manufacturing base for sterilizing and disinfection equipment in the world. SHINVA has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system, CE, ASME and pressure vessel management system.

    SGL series general steam sterilizer fully meets the requirements of GMP standard and is widely used for the sterilization of tools, sterile garments, rubber stoppers, aluminum caps, raw materials, filters and culture medium in areas of pharmaceutical engineering, medical and health care, animal laboratory and so on.