EO Gas Disposal Device

EO Gas Disposal Device

Short Description:

Through high-temperature catalytic, the ethylene oxide gas treatment machine can decompose the EO gas into carbon dioxide and water vapor and directly discharged to the outside, without the need to install a high-altitude discharge pipeline. The decomposition efficiency is higher than 99.9%, which greatly reduce the ethylene oxide emissions.

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Product advantages
■ Safety:
Real-time monitoring of ethylene oxide exhaust gas concentration.
With power-on self-test function and self-monitoring system.
Closed structure, the negative pressure state in the pipeline during the decomposition process, never leaking.
■ Efficient:
Ethylene oxide gas purification efficiency is as high as 99.9%.
■ Automatic operation:
one-button start, automatic operation with linkage control of sterilizer, easy to operate.
■ Remote control:
The machine can be controlled and monitored up to 100 meters
■ A variety of installation methods:
indoor or outdoor installation, easy to install.

Basic configuration

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