Freeze-dried powder SVP solution

  • RXY Series Wash-Sterilize-Fill-Seal Line

    RXY Series Wash-Sterilize-Fill-Seal Line

     Vial Wash-Dry-Fill-Seal Production Line is used the washing, sterilization, filling and sealing of small volume vial injection in workshop. It features advanced design, reasonable structure, high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency and mechanical and electrical integration. The parts contacted with drug liquid are made of AISI316L and the other are made of AISI304. The materials used have no pollution on drug and environment.

  • LM Series Freeze Dryer

    LM Series Freeze Dryer

    It is suitable for mass production of freeze-dried sterile products and can be optionally integrated with automatic loading and unloading system.

  • G-V Series Automation system

    G-V Series Automation system

    The function of the automatic loading and unloading system is to realize the equipment linkage and automatic control in the freeze-drying core area, and to carry out automatic and unmanned operation for loading freeze-drying and unloading, to avoid the contact between the operator and the product, so as to cut off the pollution source and realize the product aseptic control, and also improve production efficiency. O-RABS, C-RABS or ISOLATOR sterile isolation system can also be equipped according to user’s needs.