• High-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    High-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    Features ●Excellent biocompatibility ●Significant endotoxin retention effect ●Continuously stable and efficient toxin removal performance ●Efficient medium and large molecular removal efficiency Details Excellent biocompatibility It can be seen from the diagrams that PUREMAH is less like to result in activating alexin and quantitative change of hemameba. Hemabeba: relatively stable Alexin: relatively stable Active Surface Management-A.S.M.: Reduce protein adsorption and effectively reduce b...
  • Low-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    Low-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    Features: ●Excellent biocompatibility ●Ondulation and P.E.T.(performance enhancement technology) ●Safe and stable toxin removal performance ●Significant small and medium molecular removal performance Details PES material — more safe and stable performance PES vs. PSF: 1. More stable performance: PES has a higher glass transtion temperature than that of PSF 2. High hydrophilic property: the protein adsorbs less in contact with blood 3. No methyl free radicals: physical and chemical st...