Infection Control

  • Tabletop sterilizer MOST-T(18L-80L)

    Tabletop sterilizer MOST-T(18L-80L)

    MOST-T is a type of tabletop sterilizer which is fast, safe and economic. It is common used in stomatological department, ophthalmological department, operating room and CSSD to make the sterilization for wrapped or unwrapped instrument, fabric, Hollow A, Hollow B, culture medium, unsealed liquid, etc.

    The design meets relevant CE directives (such as MDD 93/42/EEC and PED 97/23/EEC) and the important standards such as EN13060.

  • Air-Proof Distribution Trolley

    Air-Proof Distribution Trolley

    ■ 304 stainless steel
    ■ The whole trolley body is bent and welded with excellent sealing performance
    ■ Double-layer composite structure door panel, 270 ° rotation
    ■ With inner clapboard, height adjustable

  • MAST-V(Vertical sliding door,280L-800L)

    MAST-V(Vertical sliding door,280L-800L)

    MAST-V is a fast, compact and versatile sterilizer which s researched and developed according to the latest requirements of medical institution and CSSD. It is designed and manufactured combines high capacity with cost-efficiency, while offering high operating reliability and easy maintenance.

    The design of chamber accords with state GB1502011,GB8599-2008, CE, European EN285 standard, ASME and PED.

  • Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer Disinfector

    Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer Disinfector

    Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer-disinfector is designed based on the standard ISO15883-4 which is special used for washing and disinfection for Flexible Endoscope.

  • Multi-effect soft and bright lubricating antirust agent

    Multi-effect soft and bright lubricating antirust agent

    Application scope: Used for manual and mechanical lubrication, maintenance and rust prevention of metal instruments and articles.

  • EO Gas Disposal Device

    EO Gas Disposal Device

    Through high-temperature catalytic, the ethylene oxide gas treatment machine can decompose the EO gas into carbon dioxide and water vapor and directly discharged to the outside, without the need to install a high-altitude discharge pipeline. The decomposition efficiency is higher than 99.9%, which greatly reduce the ethylene oxide emissions.

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

    Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

    XG2.C series sterilizer takes 100% ethylene oxide (EO) gas as sterilization medium. It is mainly used to make sterilization for precise medical instrument, optical instrument, and medical electronic instrument, plastic and medical materials that cannot bear with high temperature and wet sterilization.

  • Dressing Air-Proof Ditribution Trolley

    Dressing Air-Proof Ditribution Trolley

    ■ High quality aluminum alloy material, integrated molding process, low weight and high flexibility.
    ■ The door is opened in two dimensions, convenient loading.
    ■ Ergonomic handles on both sides of the facade, easy to push.

  • Basket storage shelf

    Basket storage shelf

    ■ All stainless steel for storing SHINVA standard basket
    ■ Vertical mesh basket storage structure, easy to ventilate
    ■ Can be specially made to store ISO standard baskets

  • Plate


    Dimensions: 1300 (L) × 500 (W) x 275 (H) mm
    Maximum bearing: 200Kg

  • Manual Door Spray Washer

    Manual Door Spray Washer

    Rapid-M-320 is an economic manual door washer-disinfector that researched and developed according to requirements of smaller hospitals or institution. Its function and washing effective is equal with Rapid-A-520. It is also can be used for disinfection of surgical instruments, wares, medical trays and plates, anesthesia instruments and corrugated hoses in hospital CSSD or operating room.

  • Negative Pressure Washers

    Negative Pressure Washers

    SHINVA Monitoring System for Lumen Washing Effect

    ■ Washing effect testing method
    Pulse vacuum washing is different from the spray washing, it adopts the new work principle to solve all kinds of complex instruments featuring more groove, gear and lumen. In order to more scientific validation of the washing effect, SHINVA introduces the specific washing effect monitoring solutions according to the features:

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