Medical Air Disinfector

  • YKX.Z Ultraviolet Air Purifier

    YKX.Z Ultraviolet Air Purifier

    Work principle: UV light + filter. 

    UV light will ruin microorganisms protein structure when they passed light zone. After that, bacteria or virus die and air gets purified.

  • YKX.P Medical Plasma Air Purifier

    YKX.P Medical Plasma Air Purifier

    YKX.P series product is consist of fan, filter, plasma sterilization module and active carbon filter. Under the work of fan, polluted air goes freshed by going through filter and sterilization module. Plasma sterilization module is rich of various particles, which kill bacterium and virus efficiently.

  • YCJ.X Laminar Flow Purifier

    YCJ.X Laminar Flow Purifier

    YCJ.X Laminar Flow Purifier uses high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal lamp to realize purification and disinfection for the air in the room.
    Work Principle: UV light+ three layers filter

  • CBR.D Bed Unit Disinfector

    CBR.D Bed Unit Disinfector

    The CBR.D Bed Unit Disinfector can be used to sterilize bed units, such as bed sheets and quilts, etc. Ozone, as the sterilization medium, will turn to Oxygen after the sterilization process, which is safe and convenient for operators.