SHINVA Strategic New Product Hemodialysis Filter Investigator Meeting

On April 1, the Clinical Trial Investigator Meeting of SHINVA New Strategic Product Hemodialysis Filter was successfully held in Shulan (Hangzhou Province) Hospital. This meeting was held with Shulan (Hangzhou Province) Hospital as the main research center, Zhejiang Tongde Hospital, Jinhua City Hospital and Wenzhou City Hospital as the participating research centers, and the Institute of Clinical Statistics of Peking University as the data statistical unit. The director of the nephrology department of each center, the director of the drug clinical trial organization office, the chief nurse, the quality department of the company, the blood purification technology factory and CRO jointly discussed and deliberated on the clinical trial protocol, case reports, informed consent forms and other medical information of the product, especially on the impact of key membrane materials of the product on clinical indexes, and reached a consensus.


As the principal investigator of the study, Shou Zhangfei, executive vice president of Shulan (Hangzhou Province) Hospital, director of the medical division and director of the nephrology center, introduced the purpose of the study, the operation process and key points to note, and led the research team to visit the key clinical trial departments of the hospital; Yao Chen, director of the Institute of Clinical Statistics of Peking University, put forward several key suggestions for improvement in terms of data statistics; SHINVA Vice General Manager Li Caixiang expressed his gratitude to the investigators of each research center for their contribution to this meeting and made arrangements for the follow-up research work, aiming to complete the project ahead of schedule under the premise of ensuring data quality and clinical safety.

Academician Li Lanjuan, the hero of anti-epidemic, received the research team cordially and expressed her recognition of SHINVA’s contribution in the epidemic. Based on the common mission of both parties to devote to human health, it is believed that there will be more areas of cooperation in the future. The two sides also signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the medical field under the witness of leaders at all levels, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent work.

Post time: Apr-06-2021