The First “Industrialization of Domestic Innovative Radiotherapy Equipment and Clinical Application of Advanced Radiotherapy Technology Summit Forum” was successfully held in Zibo

On June 4-6, 2021, the “Industrialization of Domestic Innovative Radiotherapy Equipment and Advanced Radiotherapy Technology Clinical Application Summit Forum” hosted by Shinva Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. More than 150 radiotherapy experts and scholars from all over China gathered to discuss the technological innovation, clinical application, product performance, service quality, training exchange and scientific cooperation of domestic radiotherapy.


At the meeting, Prof. Qiu Jie of Peking Union Medical College Hospital delivered a speech, affirming the contribution of Shinva to the radiotherapy industry in China and giving high hopes for the future development of domestic radiotherapy equipment manufacturers, hoping that they will invest more in technological innovation, scientific research cooperation and personnel construction to continuously improve the clinical application level.


Experts agree that the recognition of domestic brands has increased significantly, domestic radiotherapy equipment in the field of conventional treatment has reached the technical level of foreign brands, the future of large domestic medical equipment to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough, we must take the necessary path of frontier, key and independent.


As a leading manufacturer of radiotherapy equipment in China, Shinva has been committed to the R&D and design of radiotherapy equipment for many years, successively developing radiotherapy equipment such as radiotherapy simulation and positioning machine, medical electronic linear, after-load treatment machine, large-aperture spiral CT, etc., which has achieved the breakthrough of domestic radiotherapy equipment from scratch and filled the gaps in many radiotherapy fields in China. As one of the main R&D bases of domestic radiotherapy equipment, Shinva actively responds to the national strategic plan of vigorously promoting the development of high-end and innovative domestic medical equipment, and promotes the technological innovation and clinical application of domestic radiotherapy equipment. 


Post time: Jun-28-2021