• SMart-L35plus LED Surgical Lights

    SMart-L35plus LED Surgical Lights

    With lens modular design, SMart-L has the perfect shadow-free effect and meet most surgeries needs. The whole light body is light and positions accurately.

  • SMart-L40plus LED Surgical Lights

    SMart-L40plus LED Surgical Lights

    With lens modular design, SMart-L has the perfect shadow-free effect and meet most surgeries needs. The whole light body is light and positions accurately.

  • Surgical Instruments

    Surgical Instruments

    Features ■  Endoscopic surgical instruments ■  General surgical instruments ■  Neuro surgical instruments ■  Micro surgical instruments ■  Cardiovascular surgical instruments ■  Thoracic MIS surgical instruments ■  Abdominal surgical instruments ■  Urological surgical instruments ■  Gynecologic and Obstetric surgical instruments ■  Ear, nose and Throat surgical instruments ■  Orthopedic surgical instruments ■  Plastic surgical instruments ■  Ophthalmic surgical instruments ■  Dental surg...
  • High-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    High-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    Features ●Excellent biocompatibility ●Significant endotoxin retention effect ●Continuously stable and efficient toxin removal performance ●Efficient medium and large molecular removal efficiency Details Excellent biocompatibility It can be seen from the diagrams that PUREMAH is less like to result in activating alexin and quantitative change of hemameba. Hemabeba: relatively stable Alexin: relatively stable Active Surface Management-A.S.M.: Reduce protein adsorption and effectively reduce b...
  • Low-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    Low-flux Capillary Dialyzer

    Features: ●Excellent biocompatibility ●Ondulation and P.E.T.(performance enhancement technology) ●Safe and stable toxin removal performance ●Significant small and medium molecular removal performance Details PES material — more safe and stable performance PES vs. PSF: 1. More stable performance: PES has a higher glass transtion temperature than that of PSF 2. High hydrophilic property: the protein adsorbs less in contact with blood 3. No methyl free radicals: physical and chemical st...
  • Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator

    Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator

    Features: 01 Oil-free Air Compressor Clean oil-free compressed air; High energy efficiency; Durable; Minimum installation area. 02 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer Stable exhaust pressure dew point; High-quality components, high-efficiency refrigeration system; Direct installation to run without debugging; Long maintenance period and replaced-rarely parts. 03 Adsorption Air Dryer The desiccant is filled to ensure reliable drying performance, and a dew point sensor is arranged at the exhaust ...
  • Multi-effect soft and bright lubricating antirust agent

    Multi-effect soft and bright lubricating antirust agent

    Application scope: Used for manual and mechanical lubrication, maintenance and rust prevention of metal instruments and articles.

  • EO Gas Disposal Device

    EO Gas Disposal Device

    Through high-temperature catalytic, the ethylene oxide gas treatment machine can decompose the EO gas into carbon dioxide and water vapor and directly discharged to the outside, without the need to install a high-altitude discharge pipeline. The decomposition efficiency is higher than 99.9%, which greatly reduce the ethylene oxide emissions.

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

    Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

    XG2.C series sterilizer takes 100% ethylene oxide (EO) gas as sterilization medium. It is mainly used to make sterilization for precise medical instrument, optical instrument, and medical electronic instrument, plastic and medical materials that cannot bear with high temperature and wet sterilization.

  • Dressing Air-Proof Ditribution Trolley

    Dressing Air-Proof Ditribution Trolley

    ■ High quality aluminum alloy material, integrated molding process, low weight and high flexibility.
    ■ The door is opened in two dimensions, convenient loading.
    ■ Ergonomic handles on both sides of the facade, easy to push.

  • Basket storage shelf

    Basket storage shelf

    ■ All stainless steel for storing SHINVA standard basket
    ■ Vertical mesh basket storage structure, easy to ventilate
    ■ Can be specially made to store ISO standard baskets

  • Plate


    Dimensions: 1300 (L) × 500 (W) x 275 (H) mm
    Maximum bearing: 200Kg

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