Table Top Ultrasonic Washers

Table Top Ultrasonic Washers

Short Description:

The mini ultrasonic washer uses high frequency oscillation signal, which sent out by ultrasonic generator, converts to high frequency mechanical oscillation signal and diffuses into the ultrasonic medium—cleaning solution. The ultrasonic spreads forward in the cleaning solution to generate millions of tiny bubbles. Those bubbles are generated in negative pressure zone of ultrasonic vertical transmission while rapidly implode in positive pressure zone. This process called ‘Cavitation’.During the bubble implosion, immediate high pressure is generated and impacts the articles to spall the fouling adhered on the surface and gap of the articles to achieve cleaning purpose.

Product Detail

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Product features
■ Multiple functions: continuous/timed rinsing, simulated/digital textual control operation
■ Multiple models: various models are available.
■ Power voltage: 220v
■ Power frequency: 40KHz,40/80KHz (dual-frequency)
■ High quality: portable, fashionable and professional design with high reliability

Table Top Ultrasonic Washers5

Application scope
It is used for haemostatic forceps, tweezers, incision knife, dental cast, artificial tooth, syringe needle, test tube, glass tube, dressing bowl, dishes and sylinders in department of stomatology, ophthalmology and laboratory. For those instruments with blind hole and concave or convex slot, it has excellent effect.

Quality guarantee
■ Simulated or digital control; Adjustable temperature and ultrasonic time, convenient operation.

Quality guarantee

■ Powerful transducer device, accurate transmitter and safe circuit.
■ The outer cover, inner groove, basket and noise enclosure adopt high quality stainless steel material; The inner tank has no welding joint and good waterproof.

Table Top Ultrasonic Washers6


Table Top Ultrasonic Washers7

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