Tabletop sterilizer MOST-T(18L-80L)

Tabletop sterilizer MOST-T(18L-80L)

Short Description:

MOST-T is a type of tabletop sterilizer which is fast, safe and economic. It is common used in stomatological department, ophthalmological department, operating room and CSSD to make the sterilization for wrapped or unwrapped instrument, fabric, Hollow A, Hollow B, culture medium, unsealed liquid, etc.

The design meets relevant CE directives (such as MDD 93/42/EEC and PED 97/23/EEC) and the important standards such as EN13060.

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■ Convenient cleaning
Open type water tank with removable cover makes it easy to be cleaned.
■ Water saving
Compare to double water tank design, the single open type water tank supports water self-circulation.
It is available to continuously run with one time water filling, until getting the reminder of replacing the water.

■ Water quality monitoring
The water level and the quality of the distilled water being used is guaranteed by the conductivity sensor incorporated in the tank and an efficient warning message/alarm system if the water is of unsuitable quality or lack of water, the sterilizer informs the user with appropriate messages and prevent the use to avoid damage risks.

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■ Water drainage
The quick coupling system for water draining on the front section of the sterilizer simplifies and speeds up the relevant tasks.

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■ Control panel and screen
The integrated programmable PLC control system with 3.2" LCD screen display and capacitive induction buttons enables intuitive operation.

■ Steam generation by efficient steam generator
A separate steam generator is incorporated in the housing.

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■ High efficient WJS vacuum system
MOST-T Class B type with SHINVA unique water ejector vacuum system (WJS ), which supply high speed vacuum and low working noisy, vacuum lower limit can reach over -90kPa in short time, perfect drying performance through sterilization.

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■ Sterilization chamber
The sterilization chamber is made of stainless steel 304. single door design Inside the room is a fixed support, made of steel, which allows to easily Load the trays (made of aluminum and steel).
The chamber insulation is made with the rock wool. around the chamber there is heating film to guarantee pre-heating into the chamber before the cycle.
■ Gasket
The seal is silicone and doesn't require any lubrication. it is self-sealing and easy to replace.
■ Hydraulics
The pipes are made of Teflon, the fittings and other hydraulic components (valves,etc) are made of copper.
■ A variety of cycles
8 preset sterilization cycles Unwrapped, Wrapped, Rubber, User01, N-Quick, B-Quick, Prion
2 Test cycles: BD & Helix, Leak Test (Vacuum test)
3 Auxiliary Program: Preheat, Drying, Cleaning.
■ Multiple safety protection
Over temperature automatic protection
Multiple control and protection for steam generator
Door safety interlock protection and dual chamber over-pressure protection
Electronic circuit safety device
■ Alternative accessories
MOST-T basic configuration

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