Ultrosonic Cleanners

  • Free Standing Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Free Standing Ultrasonic Cleaners

    QX series ultrasonic washer is essential washing machine in CSSD, operating room and laboratory.SHINVA provides integrated ultrasonic washer solutions, including preliminary washing, secondary washing and deep washing with different frequency. 

  • Table Top Ultrasonic Washers

    Table Top Ultrasonic Washers

    The mini ultrasonic washer uses high frequency oscillation signal, which sent out by ultrasonic generator, converts to high frequency mechanical oscillation signal and diffuses into the ultrasonic medium—cleaning solution. The ultrasonic spreads forward in the cleaning solution to generate millions of tiny bubbles. Those bubbles are generated in negative pressure zone of ultrasonic vertical transmission while rapidly implode in positive pressure zone. This process called ‘Cavitation’.During the bubble implosion, immediate high pressure is generated and impacts the articles to spall the fouling adhered on the surface and gap of the articles to achieve cleaning purpose.

  • Automated Tray Carrier Ultrasonic Washers

    Automated Tray Carrier Ultrasonic Washers

    QX2000-A ultrasonic washer equipped with lift system that can lift the top lid and baskets automatically after washing which decreases the labor intensity.