XH507 Dental Unit

XH507 Dental Unit

Short Description:

■ Streamlined cushion design conforms to ergonomic sitting and lying posture, which is more suitable for long-term treatment.

■ The seat cushion is designed in a split way, and the foot rest is formed by hard PU foaming, which is wear-resistant and not easy to damage. The lowest chair position is 380mm, which is convenient for patients to go up and down.

■ High-grade soft leather cushion with lumbar support and head retention design has strong coating feeling.

■ Peach-shaped chair back design maximizes the leg space of doctors and ensures infinitely close access between doctors and patients.

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■ Oral lamp
The color temperature can be adjusted and has two illumination modes of white light and yellow light, which can effectively prevent resin curing.
Inductive switch control, brightness stepless adjustment; The handle can be disassembled by one key, which is convenient for disinfection and avoids cross infection.
■ Side Box
The side box can rotate 90°, which is convenient for four-handed operation.
The integrated one-key waterway disinfection function can disinfect handpiece pipelines, strong and weak suction pipelines to effectively avoid cross infection.
The spittoon basin can rotate 180°, which is convenient for patients to use. Quick plug-in ceramic spittoon basin and water nozzle are convenient for disinfection treatment.
Quick plug-in strong and weak suction filter, external filter screen, convenient cleaning and maintenance;
■ Liquid crystal display
Man-machine friendly dialogue interface, touch control and electronic control mode;
It has the function of giving priority to the first instrument and prompting the self-checking alarm code for start-up failure.
Control the power of the tooth cleaning machine, the rotation speed of the high-speed handpiece, the rotation speed, torque and positive and negative rotation of the electric motor, etc.
Inductive air brake switch control, flexible and convenient operation;
Anti-fouling silica gel pad for instrument tray can be sterilized at 134 ℃.
■ Foot switch
Compound pedal switch can control the lifting and pitching of the treatment chair and the rotation speed of the instrument.
Compound key function, with different functional combinations of long press and short press;
■ Cast aluminum bending plate, aluminum armrest and bottom plate
The main stressed parts adopt high-pressure casting aluminum process and unique mechanical structure design to ensure rigidity while reducing the weight of the equipment. The surface adopts automobile baking varnish technology, which is beautiful, has strong adhesion and will never fade.
■ Pipeline disinfection
When regular pipeline flushing and disinfection are carried out, you only need to insert each instrument hose into one disinfection plug and add SHINVA special disinfectant. Press the automatic disinfection key, and the process of disinfection, maintenance and flushing of pipelines will be automatically carried out. Regular disinfection, diagnosis and treatment water meets the requirements of GB5749-2016, protects patients and medical personnel, and prevents cross infection.

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