YCJ.X Laminar Flow Purifier

YCJ.X Laminar Flow Purifier

Short Description:

YCJ.X Laminar Flow Purifier uses high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal lamp to realize purification and disinfection for the air in the room.
Work Principle: UV light+ three layers filter

Product Detail

Product Tags

■ Intelligent control system, large touch screen display, easy to operate.
■ EBM fan from Germany, with large air volume, low noise, and long service life.
■ Camfil HEPA filter from Swedish, with high-efficiency, large dust holding capacity.
■ Programmable automatic timing disinfection function, temporary disinfection function.
■ Fan, UV lamp, negative ion fault detection; filter cleaning alarm prompt.
■ 110m3 space can achieve 10,000-level cleanliness.
■ 150m3 space disinfection effect reaches 96.10%.
■ Aerosol room disinfection rate 100%



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