YKX.P Medical Plasma Air Purifier

YKX.P Medical Plasma Air Purifier

Short Description:

YKX.P series product is consist of fan, filter, plasma sterilization module and active carbon filter. Under the work of fan, polluted air goes freshed by going through filter and sterilization module. Plasma sterilization module is rich of various particles, which kill bacterium and virus efficiently.

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■ Modular design makes maintenance much easier.
■ 3-grade speed optional.
■ One key to lock, which prevent mis-operation.
■ Machine will alarm when sterilization module failures.
■ Anion concentrations: 4.82x107/cm3.No harm to people when it running.
■ Purifying efficiency for natural bacterium≥90%, and for aerosol room ≥99.9%.
■ Ozone leakage ≤0.005 mg/m after machine running one hour.


YKX.P Medical Plasma Air Purifier

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